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Effective Cathodic Protection

in British Columbia

Metal surfaces are prone to corrosion when they are in contact with moisture. AtJ.R. Drilling Central Limited Partnership, we offer Cathodic Protection to help maintain the structural integrity of metal components. Cathodic Protection (CP) is an electrochemical technique used to prevent metallic structures from corrosion. The method is used widely by many industries to prevent rusting of gas pipelines, storage tanks or any underground or underwater facility constructed with metallic parts.
There are two types of CP techniques: Impressed Current System and Galvanic Cathodic Protection. These methods can effectively eliminate corrosion problems. If you are looking for Cathodic Protection specialists in Kamloops, you can count on our services.
Safeguarding vital metallic parts against corrosion is a priority for many, and we can assure you about the effectiveness of Cathodic Protection as a method that can shield your pipes and tanks. No matter how aggressive the soil conditions are, the longevity of your metal assets gets a boost when you opt for Cathodic Protection.


Understanding Metal Corrosion and Cathodic Protection

Rusting of metal is a common phenomenon, and it happens due to the formation of metal oxides when a metal comes in contact with oxygen in the presence of moisture. Corrosion not only looks bad, but it also affects the property of metals. Thus, valuable metallic assets need to be protected from oxidation. There exist numerous methods for shielding metals from exposure to electrolytes. Cathodic Protection is one of the most effective and preferred alternatives for many industries.
In Cathodic Protection, anodic properties of metals are converted into cathodic properties by passing DC current. The sacrificial anode then undergoes corrosion and ensures that valuable metal structures remain protected. Once installed, the protection works for more than two decades.


Why Cathodic Protection?

Our Cathodic Protection systems in Kamloops are advanced and cost-effective. Few factors that make this rust prevention technique a great choice include:

  • Proactive corrosion prevention - A method of protection that does not allow any rusting to take place.

  • Tried and tested method - This method of corrosion shielding has now been tried and tested for a long time by large-scale industries. It has several applications in varying conditions.

  • Provides good returns on investment - The method offers long-term protection benefits for metals and eliminates the need for regular restoration or maintenance. Installing these systems is also considered economical.

Application of Cathodic Protection Techniques

The phenomenon of corrosion is a natural result of chemical reactions. At J.R. Drilling Central Limited Partnership, we understand that preventing corrosion can be tough, but we also know it is not impossible. We continuously advance our capabilities and strive to offer expertise in designing, installing and maintaining Cathodic Protection that can shield your key assets in Kamloops. This technique can be applied to the following metals and equipment:

  • Oil drilling platforms

  • Ground transportation systems

  • Utility lines

  • Gas and water pipelines

  • Submarines

  • Aluminum structures

  • Unalloyed cast irons

  • Carbon steels and more

Why Choose Us?

J.R. Drilling Central Limited Partnership is a licensed well-drilling contractor in British Columbia. For over 30 years, we have been serving our residential and commercial clients. We have professional affiliations from the Ministry of Environment, British Columbia. While working on your site, we ensure your safety and take all the preventive measures. From boreholes closure to mining and explorations tasks, we can do them all. We are committed to providing reliable drilling solutions to meet our customers’ expectations. Our clients trust us for our skills, professionalism and quality workmanship.

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