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Well Drilling and Well Closures in Kamloops

J.R. Drilling Central Limited Partnership provides commercial drilling services to businesses in Kamloops and the rest of British Columbia. Our service includes environmental wells, mining, open loop geothermal, ground rods, and irrigation wells. If you’re looking for reliable and professional service, contact the experts at J.R. Drilling Central Limited Partnership.

We have extensive knowledge in constructing and repairing water wells. All the drilling equipment we use is in safe and good condition. They are the latest model and make, allowing us to provide you with efficient, speedy, and timely drilling solutions.

Environmental Wells

The Foremost Dual Rotary Drills are the most effective tools on the market for environmental drilling. Our supporting pipe truck has a built-in flatbed water tank that holds 1,600 gallons of water. When combined with the water tank, our geo-loop grout pump unit gives us 1200 gallons of water available for monitoring well installation.

Well Closures

We have successfully completed many borehole closures in both the public and private sectors. We have all the tools required, including:

  • 1,600 gallons of fresh water available in a flatbed water tank

  • 1,000 gallon auxiliary tank

  • 30-500 Geo-Loop grout pump

  • 301.8 CAT mini excavator

  • Welder and cutting torches

  • Ability to pack two pallets of grouting product

  • Knuckle-boom crane

Mining & Exploration

Our work in and for mines includes the following:

  • Ajax

  • Mt. Milligan

  • Heemskirk Canada Limited (HCA Mountain Minerals)

  • Spanish Mountain Gold

  • Afton/New Gold

  • Abacus

  • Barkerville Gold

  • Nickel Plate Mine – Barrick Gold

  • Yellowhead Mines

  • Gibraltar Mines Ltd

Open Loop Geothermal

Our geothermal work includes both domestic and commercial. We have worked with Scott Schilleroff (AMEC Environmental) at the UBC Okanagan Campus geotechnical project in Kelowna, for which he won an award for the innovative design.

Ground Rods

We have worked with Fortis and BC Hydro on their groundwater resistivity testing by installing ground rods at their substation sites across BC.

Irrigation Wells

We drill irrigation wells ranging from 6” diameter all the way to 12” diameter for all levels of irrigation. Whether you need to water a small acreage for home use or irrigate hundreds of acres and require 1500 gallons per minute, we have done it all, so give us a call.

Above Ground Sump & Pump

We have developed many uses for the above ground sump and pump system. They include:

  • Drop line water sampling

  • Water-based drilling

  • Monitoring sand content when developing large production wells

  • Environmentally sensitive areas

  • When in-ground sumps are unavailable

The equipment consists of:

  • 800 gallon primary tip tank (used of cutting collections)

  • 3500 gallon secondary tank

  • 6” 500 gpm 350 psi pump

  • 2 cyclones

  • Mini excavator

Commercial Well Drilling Services In Kamloops

We provide drilling services for commercial purposes in an efficient manner.


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