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Important Questions to Ask

Before Hiring a BC Well Driller

Before you choose a driller, you need to ask questions. Things you might want to know about the drilling company you choose should include the following.

Q: Will the driller meet my expectations?

A: J.R. Drilling Central Limited Partnership has an unsurpassed reputation of customer satisfaction. Although water quality and quantity is not guaranteed, we work very hard to successfully complete your well. We guarantee our materials and workmanship 100%. Ask for references or generally ask around.

Q: Can the company drill where I want?

A: You can choose the spot to drill with the help of a water witcher or dowser. Some people will have a hydrologist determine where to drill. In either case, a qualified member of our staff will come to your property prior to drilling for a free on-site evaluation.

Once you have chosen a spot to drill for water, you need to ensure the following guidelines will also be met:

  • Your well must be 100’ from any septic system, including the field and the tank, both yours and your neighbour’s.

  • Your well must be at least 10’ inside property lines, and J.R. Drilling Central LP requests you choose a spot at least 20’ from any buildings.

  • Always check for buried gas or electric lines in the area by making a BC One Call at 1-800-474-6886 or on your cell phone at *6886. You can also find information at

Q: Where can I find information on neighbouring wells?

A: If you are looking for additional information on neighbouring wells, the Ministry of Environment's website has a mapping program that shows well locations, depths and quantity of water. This can be a helpful tool to customers.

Q: Is the company’s driller licensed?

A: J.R. Drilling Central LP has three drillers that are qualified by the Canadian Groundwater Association. They are also Registered Qualified Well Drillers with the BC Ministry of Environment, Water Stewardship Division. Please visit the Ministry site for more information regarding registered drillers.

Q: Is the company competitively priced?

A: The cheapest estimate is not necessarily the best, and you should not hire a driller solely based on the fact that they gave you the cheapest estimate. Make sure that you are comparing apples to apples; ensure all estimates are inclusive. With the wide variety of machinery in use in the industry, billing is vastly different between companies. J.R. Drilling Central LP will provide you with all the information you need, with no hidden costs.

Factors affecting cost include ground formulation (is it sand? gravel? bedrock?), how far it’s necessary to drill to find water and how much water is necessary to suit your needs.

Q: What does the driller expect from me?

A: During your free on-site evaluation, our qualified staff member will let you know if our machinery will be able to get to the spot you want to drill. Sometimes a site will need to be leveled; sometimes trees will need to be removed. We will also talk to you regarding payment expectations, minimum depths due to BC Groundwater Regulations, as well as answer any other questions you may have. Our customers tell us they find the free on-site evaluation valuable and informative, and appreciate having their questions and concerns answered.

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