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Reliable Water Well Services in Kamloops

by J.R. Drilling Central Limited Partnership

Groundwater is a safer water source than surface water because it is protected by soil or rock, and is not so easily contaminated. A properly constructed water well ensures that the water you drink is safe and clean. 

When it comes to dependable water well drilling in Quesnel, choose J.R. Drilling Central Limited Partnership. For over 20 years, we have been providing quality well drilling, repair and closure services. As your trusted residential and commercial drilling company, we strive to provide unsurpassed quality and exceed your expectations.

The components that make up a properly constructed water well include the following, and can be reviewed on the Ministry of Environment Groundwater Regulations.

Well Design

Surface seal

This will protect the ground water aquifer from surface water contamination.

Drive shoe

The drive shoe is welded onto the first piece of casing and helps advance the casing into the ground.

Bedrock drilling

This is done without steel casing and is often called open-hole drilling.

Pump sleeve

A 4” PVC liner is used as a pump protector in bedrock holes. It protects your pump from rocks falling off the wall of the well, which could damage the pump or leave the pump stuck in the well.


The steel casing is used to case off overburden formation such as sand, gravel, small boulders, etc. We usually use 6” casing for domestic wells.


A standard screen assembly includes all the materials you need to effectively screen out unwanted materials and is used in overburdened water wells if required.

Protecting Your Water Well From Contamination

Contaminants can enter your well from the top of the outside of the well casing. The aquifer present in your water well may be the starting point where sewage and other contaminants accumulate. Keeping your well and aquifer from possible contamination is one of the key aspects that our team of drillers tries to achieve. Some of the common steps followed to prevent contamination are:

  • Make sure that the water well is accessible for cleaning, maintenance tasks and regular testing.

  • Select a suitable location where possible contamination sources such as septic surfaces cannot enter during the drilling process. 

  • The pump house for the well is properly ventilated to avoid the accumulation of harmful gases.

  • The ground near the water well is cleaned to avoid any surface collapses over time.

  • Abandoned and inactive wells nearby must be adequately sealed to avoid leaking contaminants into the groundwater. 

Contact Us

If you’re looking for a professional drilling contractor for water wells services, contact J.R. Drilling Central Limited Partnership. They have the knowledge, experience and equipment to help you design and install a water well on your property. Browse through the testimonials our clients wrote about our service.

Professional & Efficient Water Well Services in Kamloops

To meet your water needs, contact J.R Drilling Central for reliable well drilling services in Kamloops.

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