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Five Water Well Maintenance Tips You Should Know About

As a homeowner, you might have to supervise every aspect of your home construction and renovation projects. It is better to consult professionals to make informed decisions regarding the architecture or design of your home. If you own a water-well, you should regularly monitor and maintain it. Negligence in regular maintenance might result in your well water getting polluted. If you use the well water for drinking, you should be persistently careful about keeping it hygienic. The professionals at J R Drilling Central Limited Partnership can help you with water well drilling or maintenance for both residential and commercial properties.

Wells are drilled with the help of dual rotary-drilling machines. Drilling is done for thousands of feet and casing is installed simultaneously along the complete length. A basic water system includes a pump, a pressure tank and a water softener. Install additional equipment such as water filter or softener to remove the high levels of minerals or organics present in water. Water Well Maintenance Guidelines There are several factors that can disrupt the functioning of your well system. Here are certain ways to continuously monitor your water system: 1. Look Out for Potential Sources of Groundwater Contamination – Toxic products such as gasoline, oil or sewage might leak into groundwater and contaminate it. Pesticides and fertilizers can also seep into groundwater over time. Toxins in water cause several illnesses in humans and wildlife. Chemical storage tanks can corrode, crack and develop leaks. Improperly constructed septic systems might not drain sewage water into the deeper layers of the earth as expected. Make sure your well is constructed at a distance of at least 100 feet from septic systems or other sources of contamination. The more the depth of your well, the lesser the chances of contamination. 2. Never Service Your Own Well – If you service your own well, you might not be satisfied with the results. Always hire professionals if you don’t want to end up with costly repairs in the long run. Experts are trained and know what to do in crisis situations. 3. Commission an Annual Maintenance Check – Assign annual maintenance to get your water well professionally inspected. They can conduct the following:

  • A Flow Test – Experts can check the water both before and after pumping.

  • Water Quality - Changes in water quality should be checked. Look out for changes in odour, colour or taste.

4. Cover Your Well – Check your well once every couple of months and remove any debris that has fallen inside. Otherwise, there are chances that your well water might become unsanitary. Avoid piling of objects such as snow, mud, rocks and leaves on top of your well. Get a well cover constructed using any material of your choice (such as concrete or plywood). It should be strong and effective in protecting your well. 5. Monitor Your Submersible Well Pump – If you have a submersible well pump, our professionals can help you monitor it. They can check the amp load and the line voltage. You can get the internal wiring, external components and the motor checked. If there is less or no water around the pump, it can burn out. Replace the power cord if it has frayed. You can read our FAQ section to know more about water well drilling. To learn about installing wells in your British Columbia property, read our blog – Five Things to Know About Water Wells for Your British Columbia Property. If you are considering water well drilling at your site, contact us for free on-site evaluations. We also offer installation and maintenance services for your water wells. We are licensed well drillers in the Province of British Columbia and proud members of the British Columbia Ground Water Association (BCGWA).

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