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When to Get Residential Well Drilling

According to Statistics Canada, over 10 percent of Canadians use private wells. It might sound like an off-the-grid dream, but it's a lot of work to do by yourself.


Additionally, there are many who have no other option but residential well drilling. Kamloops, British Columbia is no exception! Fortunately, anywhere in Kamloops with fresh groundwater can support a well, if you're willing to build one.

Well... Almost anywhere. There are some things to keep in mind when planning where to build your well.


How Does It Work?

First, you have to pick the right site on your property for drilling.

It has to follow certain regulatory acts, like BC's Water Act and the Groundwater Protection Regulation guidelines. Once the right site is picked out, you have to apply for and obtain permits.


All the preliminary work being done, drilling can finally start!


there are a few parts to well drilling, so here's a brief overview:





Pitless adapter


Pressure tank


These are the various major parts of your well. Next, we'll outline a typical well drilling.


Residential Well Drilling: Kamloops Style

The drilling process will often take one or two days depending on the set up of equipment and site preparation. Proper casing for the well is driven until hitting bedrock. This casing is used to give structure to the well and keep it from falling in on itself.

Well casings can be steel or PVC but this will usually be determined solely by the geology of the area. Once the well is drilled, it's capped to prevent insects, animals, or debris to enter the well and contaminate it. Believe us, you want a good well cap!

Well screens are at the bottom of the well to allow water in but keep most sediment out. Some examples are slotted pipe, perforated pipe, and continuous slot.

We use a pitless adapter to connect the water tank pipe casing to the pipe going to the pump. This allows for a removable and serviceable pump connection.

Pumps come in various shapes and sizes for different use-cases. Depending on the depth and availability of your water, you might use one pump over another. We'll let you know the best option at the right time.

Pressure tanks hold air and water to deliver water through the house under pressure. This helps manage on/off cycles for your pump and store the water, to extend the life of your pump and reduce pump maintenance.

We will also install electronics will to control various aspects of your pump. This is for safety of you and your family, and of the pump itself from dry-running or electrical overload.


Well Drilled on Residential Wells

If you're contemplating residential well drilling, Kamloops is a great place to be. Now you're well-versed on the ins and outs of residential well digging. It's a bit tough to do yourself, so why not have us do it for you, eh?

At J.R. Drilling Central Limited Partnership we dedicate ourselves to drilling your well right, anywhere in the province. Don't wait—please give us a call today to get your consultation!

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